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Above Artwork Used Pending Permission By:
"The Bible Project"

Though much of the books complied in the Bible are not necessarily in chronological order, appropriately, "GENESIS" (our beginning) certainly is. And though its both the first book as well as the beginning of the story of our lives in relationship to God, it contains and confirms within it's scope, nearly all of what we would want to know in the remaining 65 books of the bible.

...It is also noteworthy to realize, unlike just about every other book ever written the Bible does not require a start to finish reading process to understand or appreciate it's story. It is a "BOOK" of "BOOKS" with many diverse stories and lessons, all coming together (no matter what order they are read in) to form one cohesive revelation of His message to us through the entire compilation.

That we have a creator, were made in His own image and though now separated from Him, because of sin He has been working through the centuries to communicate to us, His plan to return us to His original plan to co-habitate with Him eternally.